Cocoa Beach & Orlando, Hurricane Matthew Prep – 10/5/2016

B-roll footage of some of the pre Hurricane prep work prior to the major Hurricane Matthew making landfall in the next 36 hours on the east coast of Florida.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Cocoa Beach Florida looks more like a ghost town as all of the tourists were asked to leave and hotels were forced to kick out existing guests. Shot of a massive Hilton Hotel with an empty parking lot.

Clip 2 Wide shot of the signs on a local IHop saying Florida is closed.

Clip 3 Tight shot of the sign saying Florida is Closed.

Clip 4 -6 Shot at a Walmart in Orlando where residents are clearing out the shelves like it was Black Friday.

Clip 7 Sign on one of the toll booths saying Tolls Suspended

Clip 8 Cars going through the toll booth without paying

Clip 9 Traffic

Clip 10 Traffic

Clip 11 -13 Board up operations at a local business

Clip 14 Tight shot of the sing saying Thanks Matthew, Not Today.

Clip 15 – 16 Beach and waves