Severe Supercell Sedgwick County, KS – 10/4/2016

A fall outbreak of severe weather exploded Tuesday afternoon across parts of Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. This as a major Hurricane is aiming toward Florida, is creating havoc across the country as one storm system in the center of the country is ongoing as the Hurricane approaches. Severe weather impacted the Wichita area late in the evening with very high winds, some exceeding 70mph, along with large hail and torrential downpours. Some damage was reported across parts of the Wichita metro area.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Shots taken near Maize, KS west of Wichita as 70mph winds blew across the road. Various dashcam shots of the blinding winds and rain as that storm pushed over.

Scene 4-5: POV shots of a ragged wall cloud over the road after we cleared the rain and wind.

Scene 6: Shot of a car hiding under a tree during falling hail.

Scene 7: Shot of hail falling on the grass.

Scene 8: Shot of spikey hailstones in hand.

Scene 9: Shot of a funnel cloud overhead.

Scene 10: Low clouds racing at across the sky overhead.

Scene 11: Shot while driving of approaching supercell.

Scene 12-14: Various shots of ominous clouds overhead as the storm approaches.

Scene 15: Shot looking over I-135 as lowerings move over north Wichita, this was about the time the airport was recording gusts over 60mph. Powerflashes were observed prior to this and powerlines were reported down in the area.

Scene 16: Lightning illuminating the sky over a church as the mothership supercell moves overhead.

Scene 17: Shot of rain and wind blowing a tree as lightning flashes in the background and the power goes out on camera, bringing everything black.

Scene 18: POV driving shots in blinding rains with cars driving with emergency flashers.