Fort Pierce Hurricane Matthew Feeder Band Storms – 10/6/2016

Footage of strong feeder band storms from approaching Category 4 Hurricane Matthew blowing through Fort Pierce, FL causing high winds and heavy rain as residents evacuate. Also footage of men securing convenient store with plywood to protect windows from approaching Hurricane Matthew. Footage of empty gas pumps with rampant fuel shortages in Eastern Florida as residents evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on October 6, 2016 in/near Fort Pierce, FL by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot List:

1-4. Various POV driving shots of strong feeder band of storms from approaching Hurricane Matthew over Fort Pierce, FL

5. wide shot of wall cloud lowering from feeder band storm over Fort Pierce, FL with increasing winds

6-7. various pushed-in shots of palm trees blowing with blowing driving rain from strong feeder band moving over Fort Pierce, FL

8. Pushed in shot of cars driving through heavy rain under strong feeder band from edge of Hurricane Matthew as it approaches Florida Coast

9. POV driving shot through heavy rain from strong feeder band over Fort Pierce, FL

10-13. Various shots of men drilling plywood panels over convenient store windows in advance of Cat 4 Hurricane Matthew

14-16: Various shots of empty gas pumps at multiple gas stations along I-95 corridor near Fort Pierce, FL as mass evacuations cause fuel shortages