Byron Center & Wyoming MI Meso & Tornado Damage – 8/20/2016

Video begins heading west bound on 84th street in/and west of Byron Center, Michigan. The mesocyclone was very low, grungy, and predominantly rain-wrapped throughout the life-cycle as it passed in front of/nearly overhead of the videographer. Rotating rain bands were observed, but no condensation funnel ever took shape at this location. Imagery then jumps to Wyoming Michigan, specifically damage in/around Pinery Park north of 28th street in Kent County. Numerous trees were snapped off, laying northwest (predominantly), with wide-spread power outages. Minimal structural damage was observed in this location.
Shot Description

00:00-01:30 Tornado-warned mesocyclone, wall cloud with rotating rain bands. Image is handheld, shot from within a moving and stationary vehicle as meso passes in front of the photojournalist – proceeds N/NE at 25 mph.

01:31-02:25 Tree damage *unconfirmed as a weak tornado at this posting* from Pinery Park, north of 28th street. Residents walking around surveying the damage around 3 p.m. ET.