Grand Junction, MI Tornado Damage Eyewitness Interview – 8/20/2016

Visual damage survey to portions of the Grand Junction, Michigan region from a (at this time) unconfirmed long-track tornado. The damage track began at Bangor, Michigan (SW of Grand Junction) and traced a very small, but consistent damage track N/NE through the small Van Buren County community. Numerous trees, power lines were felled along with structural damage to True Blue Fruit Farms (in Grand Junction). Trees were blocking a portion of the CSX rail road southwest of town, but have since been cleared. Video concludes in Grand Junction where uprooted trees were strewn to the west and northwest within the community grave yard.
Shot Description

00:00-00:44 Tree damage observed along the CSX railway tracks southwest of Grand Junction, followed by additional tree damage and power lines felled by the strong winds (unconfirmed tornado per this write up).

00:44-02:15 Damage to True Blue Fruit Farms in Grand Junction. Eyewitnesses said they saw rotating debris and low clouds before the winds struck. Sections of the farms pole barns were damaged, along with at least one observed vehicle flipped on the NE side of the building. Shot ends at the Grand Junction grave yard, along with a collapsed radio tower at the community center.

02:16-04:46 Eyewitness raw interview with Shelly Hartmann, co-owner of True Blue Farms (a blueberry farm of 30 years) in Grand Junction, Michigan.