Key West, FL Tropical Timelapse – 8/23/2016

1min 23 sec time-lapse video from Mallory Square in Key West Florida showing cruise ship "Fantasy" at port with tropical showers moving through Key West. Captures the cruise ship departing the port as a big shower moves through.
Shot Description

1) 0:00 – 0:16 Cruise ship "Fantasy" at the port in Key West FL.
2) 0:17-0:24 First tropical rain shower moves through.
3) 0:24-0:30 Sun returns
4) 0:30-0:38 Cruise ship departs.
5) 0:39-0:55 Big tropical rain storm moves through
6) 0:56-1:00 Ominous cloud bank streams overhead.
7) 1:00-1:08 Heavy rain again moves through.
8) 1:09-1:23 Sun gradually returns.