Saint Paul, MN Rapid Intense Flash Flooding and Hail – 8/16/2016

*BREAKING FOOTAGE* of Severe and Rapid Hitting Flash Flooding as it happens, during Severe Thunderstorms in St.Paul Minnesota during the peak of the local travel rush hour commute, including occupied cars struck in deep flood waters right as rescuers arrive on the scene and rush to give aid and assistance!
Shot Description

1. Woman out of her car and taking safety on a high level concrete imbucment as her car gets overtaken by deep rising flood waters right next to where she is standing in the same shot!

2. Police scramble to shut down the roadway in St.Paul as other motorists unknowingly drive into deep flood waters putting their lives at risk!

3. Rescue squad and fire fighters rush with lights and siren to the scene to rescue motorists still in their cars submerged in rapidly rising flood waters!

4. A police officer walks over to a flood stranded car in knee deep water with a life preserver in her had to assist the motorist!

5. Cars driving in 3 feet of muddy brown water over the highway nearly stall out!

6-9 Cars and trucks taking a risk driving through deep flood waters rushing like a river in the road!

10. Hail to near half dollar size in hand.

11. Hail drifts to 1 foot deep pile up!

12. Driving POV in intense rain and Hail!

13. Waters rushing into and rapidly flooding a major parking ramp lower level!

14-15. Parking Ramp floods out in moments!