Franklin County,IL Flooding Closes Roads – 8/16/2016

Several days of rain finally came to an end on Tuesday after dumping over a foot in places across southern Illinois. Many areas received easily two months worth of rain in four days. Flooding continued today as waters from area ditches and creeks continued to overflow into fields and roads, causing officials to close many roads across the region.

Video package shot in Franklin County, IL north of the town of Christopher where county officials closed numerous roads due to overrunning water. Several roads were impacted by the overflowing Hog Creek, which is one of numerous area small streams to be flowing into the Big Muddy River, which is expected to crest over the weekend in at least Moderate Flood Stage. Flood Warnings are in effect indefinitely for several southern Illinois Rivers as the drainage will fill those rivers to well over flood stage.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Establishing shots of ROAD CLOSED signs and barricades along Park Street Road north of Christopher.

Scene 4: Zoomed shot over flooded road looking back at barricades as a red car turns around.

Scene 5-7: Gold car stopped at the flood line backs up along the road and goes back around the barricades to take an alternative route.

Scene 8: Black truck driving at camera through flooded road.

Scene 9: Black truck driving away from camera through flood waters.

Scene 10: Red car slowly driving at camera through flooded road.

Scene 11: Large pickup truck driving away from camera through waters flowing over the road.

Scene 12: Wide shot as large truck clears flood waters, passing a stopped white car.

Scene 13: Shot of another flooded road with a road sign.

Scene 14: Flowing water over the road into an adjacent field.

Scene 15: Tight shot focusing on water flowing off street into field.

Scene 16: Wide shot of flooded road and adjacent field.

Scene 17: Medium shot of flooded road and adjacent field.

Scene 18: Shot of water over road flowing into adjacent field.

Scene 19: Shot of water flowing over white line on road into field.

Scene 20-24: Shots of overflowing Hog Creek as it approaches highway.

Scene 25: Man with motorcycle standing looking over flooded road, eventually having to find another route around.