Sunfield, IL Reese Creek Raging Flooding – 8/15/2016

Extreme rains across southern IL started to wane a bit on Monday, but the overflow into area creeks and streams continued with many roads across the region remaining closed with water still flowing over them.

This is one of the roads blocked by water, a normally docile Reese Creek is now a raging river as overflow from the Du Quoin Lake unloads are very impressive rates. Area residents state this creek is a very small creek, rarely with much water at all, and now it is blasting all the runoff from the recent rains.

Areas across Perry County have seen upwards of a foot of rain since Saturday, with many other areas across southern IL averaging well over 5-inches since the storm began. The runoff will continue to flow into area rivers and some, including the Big Muddy, are expected to reach at least Moderate Flood Stage by the weekend, creating other problems long after the rains end.

Sunfield is a village on US-51 a few miles north of Du Quoin in eastern Perry County.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot of WATER ON PAVEMENT sign ahead of the closure.

Scene 2: Shot of raging Reese Creek behind parked vehicle on City Lake Road.

Scene 3: Water rushing over where the road goes over the creek. The bridge is completely submerged.

Scene 4-7: Shots of water against fence posts.

Scene 8: Shot of the overflow from Du Quoin Lake turning Reese Creek into a raging river.

Scene 9: Shot looking across raging creek at opposite side of the road.

Scene 10-16: Various shots of the raging rapids of the normally docile and tiny Reese Creek now looking like a raging river.