Rice Lake, WI Major Storm Damage – Trailers Flipped – 7/21/2016

This video package was shot of the storm damage 1 1/2 miles South of the city of Rice Lake WI.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A camper blown over on it's side.
Clip 2. Looking from the front of the blown over camper to the back.
Clip 3. Damage to a manufactured home.
Clip 4. Same home blown off it's foundation.
Clip 5. Different view of clip 4.
Clip 6. Damage to a home's roof.
Clip 7. Part of a roof on the ground.
Clip 8. Roof damage with blown out window.
Clip 9. Another manufactured home with damage and blown out windows.
Clip 10. Close view of blown out windows.
Clip 11. Trailer home flipped on it's side onto another trailer home.
Clip 12. Closer view of the trailer home on it's side.
Clip 13. Different view of trailer home on it's side.
Clip 14. Severe roof damage.
Clip 15. A closer look at clip 14.
Clip 16. Part of a pint tree snapped off.
Clip 17. Closer view of the part of the snapped off pine tree.