Twin Cities Extreme Dangerous Heat Wave – 7/21/2016

Breaking video footage of local residents struggling to stay safe and cool during the first time the Twin Cities has reached the 100F degree mark in several years, and all while under an Extreme Dangerous Heat Warning and also a Severe Air Quality Alert creating a unsafe and dangerous situation for those without Air conditioning and health issues!
Shot Description

1. Minneapolis Digital Thermometer reading an incredible 102F degrees!

2. A very steamy and hazy Minneapolis downtown Skyline scorching in the extreme heat over over 100F degrees with no wind and 7=F sticky dew points! Wide/Tight POV.

3. A young child trying to keep cool in a water splash pad while twirling around & around with a large water cannon hose spraying other children!

4. Wide /Tight POV's of a large water cooling splash pad in Minneapolis where dozens of kids and adults go under the water to stay cool!

5. 2 local Minneapolis residents use a large Umbrella to shade themselves from the dangerously hot sun and fan themselves to stay cool!

6. A broken down van that had overheated along the roadway steams with its flashes on waiting for a tow!

7. A boat and water tubers ski around a local St.Paul area Lake in the 100 degree heat just to stay cool.

8. Boat Wide/Tight with water ski tubes and splashing water rides.

9. A jet Ski with two people race by on a steamy lake in Minneapolis.

10. St.Paul Minnesota Bank thermometer reading 96F degrees and flirting with the 100 mark!