Barron County, WI Lightning & Storm Damage – 7/21/2016

Line of severe thunderstorms rolled through Barron County WI.early this morning. The severe storms produced one heck of a good lightning show. With the good came the bad. Lots of damage mainly about 1 mile Northeast of the city of Rice Lake WI. Lots of trees downed and uprooted, downed power lines.
The lightning clips were shot about 4 miles Southeast of Cumberland, WI.
The storm damage was shot 1 to 2 miles Northeast of Rice Lake,WI.

Shot List:
Clip 1-2. Lightning shot about 4 miles Southeast of Cumberland WI.
Clip 3. Dash cam shot of lightning about 4 miles North of Cumberland.
Clip 4. Police blocking a road as a tree was blocking the road.
Clip 5. The tree that is blocking the road the police were blocking off.
Clip 6. Another downed tree.
Clip 7. A large branch downed.
Clip 8. Uprooted tree blocking the road with downed power lines.
Clip 9. Downed tree on a truck with downed power lines.
Clip 10. A different view of the downed power lines along with the tree blocking the orad.
Clip 11. A tree blown downed by the Barron County Fair grounds.
Clip 12. Another tree blocking a road.
Clip 13. Large bracnh downed.
Clip 14. A close look at the downed large branch.
Clip 15. Half of a tree snapped off.