Northwest Twin Cities Intense Damaging Wind Storm – 7/5/2016

Video Footage of Intense 80MPH plus Straight Line Winds,Flash Flooding,Large Hail and the Very Significant Structural and Tree and Crop Damage the storm put down over a narrow corridor of the Northwestern Twin Cities Metro Area Suburbs this evening!
Shot Description

1. Tornado Sirens blaring with tornadic storm over the wailing and spinning Tornado Siren.

2. Tornado Sirens blast over Kimball MN with the intense storms leading edge racing into town at 60MPH!

3. Flag poles nearly breaking in the intense winds.

4. Siding of homes completely ripped off near Hanover MN

5. Roofs damaged and tore back on new homes near Hanover MN

6. Trees into Power Lines and snapped in half in St.Michael MN

7. Tress snapped into power lines still smoking.

8. Flash flooding in eastern Wright County with cars with water into the doors and 3 feet of water over state highway.

9. Significant wind damage with a barn roof completely ripped off its whole side and tossed onto a state hwy near Hannover.

10. Corn field crops completely flattened to the flat earth in 80MPH winds!

11. Fire men work in the heavy rain and hail to chainsaw trees off of the highway in Annandale Minnesota!

12. Fireman POV chopping and struggling to remove the snapped over large tree in the hail and rain.

13. Significant House damage POV.

14. Rain and hail falling POV with Lightning Stirkes.