Danvers Western MN Hail & High Winds, MN Tornado – 7/5/2016

Footage of the brief tornado that was near Danvers, MN in the first part of the video and hail and high winds near Murdock, MN and and Blomkest, MN.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Tornado looking west of Danvers, MN

Clip 2 Tornado reforms as a car races away.

Clip 3 Dash Camera video of the tornado as a car races away.

Clip 4 Wide shot of the meso and tornado warned storm.

Clip 5-6 Close up rising motion south of Benson, MN.

Clip 7 Lowering south of Murdock, MN

Clip 8 – 12 Golfball size hail falling near Murdock, MN

Clip 13 – 22 Hail and high winds near Blomkest, MN .

Clip 23 Timelapse of the meso from the tornado.