Siesta Key, FL Stormy Holiday Beach – 7/3/2016

Will "boom" meet "boom"? Thunderstorms threaten the skies over Siesta Key Beach this holiday weekend while people pack the beaches and crews set up the beach fireworks gear. People, sand, surf, storms, and pyro technic gear on Siesta Beach 4th of July holiday weekend.
Shot Description

1) Stormy skies over Siesta Key beach as lifeguards fly the red flag for lightning.
2) Red lifeguard tower and lightning flash.
3,4) Two pans from beach umbrellas through fireworks mortar tube launch site to stormy sky.
5) Storm clouds over beach with subtle lightning flash.
6) Pan from shore, across beach to threatening sky.
7) People on beach in light rain.
8) Rain drops hitting standing water in sand.
9) Tight shot of woman on beach with umbrellas behind.
10) Kids building sand castle in light rain on beach.
11) People in large blue/white circular raft in Gulf of Mexico.
12) Long shot down shore with lots of people in light rain.
13) People in water in light rain.
14) Lifeguard raising the yellow caution flag.
15) Tight shot of yellow flag.
16) Threatening storm clouds over people on beach.
17) Long shot south down shore with lots of people and condos behind.
18) Beach umbrellas and tent in light rain.
19) People in water.
20) Fireworks launch site on beach with yellow caution tape.