Southern Twin Cities area Funnel Clouds And Flooding – 6/14/2016

Footage of brief Funnel Clouds under small areas of rotation embedded withing a book end vortex area of an MCV as well as Urban Flash Flooding and significant water over busy roadways in the South and Central Twin Cities Metro Suburbs.
Shot Description

1. Rotating base with a small funnel Cloud.

2. Close POV of area of rotation and small funnel cloud overhead of I-35 near Twin cities.

3. Small lowering under a rotating base near Elko MN.

4. Small Funnel Cloud.

5-9 Significant urban flash flooding with over 1 foot of water over cities streets in the South Metro area.

10. Driving POV in intense heavy rain and small hail.

*Jeep Driving Through Flood Waters, other vehicles too.