Amazing Lightning and hail from the Supercell near Paducah, TX – 6/14/2016

Footage of incredible close lightning strikes, huge dust plumes blown by high severe winds, large hail falling, amazing time lapses of huge supercell thunderstorm, and wall clouds.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight near Paducah, TX on June 14, 2016 by Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1-5. Various shots of huge dirt and dust plume blown by severe high winds under supercell thunderstorm near Paducah, TX

6-10. Various shots of huge hail falling and bouncing with traffic on highway south of Paducah, TX

11. POV driving shot of rotating wall cloud over highway with blowing dust and large hail falling south of Paducah, TX

12-20. Various shots of close dramatic lightning strikes near Paducah, TX

21-29. Various SLOW MOTION close dramatic lightning strikes near Paducah, TX

30. TIME LAPSE wide shot of huge supercell thunderstorm with lighting at dusk south of Paducah, TX

31. TIME LAPSE wide shot of supercell thunderstorm structure early in life of storm near Paducah, TX

32 & 33. Pushed-in shots of wall clouds near Paducah, TX