Carbondale, IL Extreme Heat, Hottest Day Of The Year 100F+ temps – 6/16/2016

It was the hottest day of the year for southern Illinois as temperatures climbed into the upper 90s and even low 100s in some areas. Heat Advisories were issued for the area as the humidity put heat index values between 100F-115F. Several areas saw daily record highs broken with the heat on Thursday, including nearby Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which as of 2pm CDT, had broken the previous high of 95F (set in 2006) with a reading of 99F.

Carbondale, IL is approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis in southern IL, located in Jackson County.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Various shots of bank thermometer showing a temperature of 103F before the noon hour.

Scene 4: Panning establishing shot at Carbondale's Super Swim Park showing lots of people enjoying the recently opened water park.

Scene 5-6: Wide shots of a bunch of kids in the water as a bucket dumps more water down on them.

Scene 7: Tight shot of a bunch of a kids getting water dumped on them.

Scene 8: A couple of kids playing in water fountains.

Scene 9: A kid standing in pouring water.

Scene 10: Two kids in the pool as water dumps on them.

Scene 11-13: Kids sliding down a small red water slide.

Scene 14: Several people laying out in the sun.

Scene 15: Man sun bathing.

Scene 16: A couple of people laying in the water.

Scene 17: A girl playing in water fountains.

Scene 18-19: Shots of people floating in tubes down a lazy water river.

Scene 20-21: Shots of kids coming down the bottom of the park's main water slide.

Scene 22: A woman and a kid in the water.

Scene 23: A kid jumping off a diving board.

Scene 24: Wide shot of the water park.