Masterson, TX Extraordinary Tornado & Lightning Footage – 6/13/2016

CLOSE footage of strong cone tornado with lightning near Masterson, TX north of Amarillo. Also amazing time lapse footage of wall cloud, large hail falling and dramatic close lightning strikes.

All footage shot during evening daylight in/near Masterson, TX (north of Amarillo, TX) on June 13, 2016 by Simon Brewer

Shot List:
1-6. Various shots of close large strong cone tornado near Masterson, TX

7 & 8. Driving shots of tornado coming toward chaser/meteorologist Simon Brewer

9.shot of rapidly rotating wall cloud right before it produces tornado near Masterson, TX

10. TIME LAPSE of rapdily rotating wall cloud about to produce a large tornado

11-16. Various slow motion dramatic close lighting strikes near Masterson, TX

17-20. Various shots of large golf ball sized hail falling from tornadic supercell thunderstorm north of Amarillo and west of Masterson, TX