Flood Pumping Efforts in Marion, AR – 3/9/2016

Flash flood warnings continued overnight across eastern Arkansas as many areas received over 5 inches of rain Wednesday evening leading to flash flooding across the region.  The town of Marion, AR which is on the other side of the river from Memphis, TN saw upwards of 6 inches of rain through Wednesday evening leading to flooding in town.  Pump trucks were called out to the Colonial Park neighborhood to try and keep water from going into homes.  Two trucks were stationed on LH Polk Drive off Rt. 77 pumping water over the road onto the high school campus where water was being stored.

Video package includes scenes of pump trucks clearing water as well as numerous vehicles driving through flooded neighborhood streets, and water up to the homes in the neighborhood.

Scene 1-2: POV driving shots on I-40 approaching the Marion exit, one showing a lightnig flash with the Marion exit sign and a second shot including a car that hydroplaned into the center median.

Scene 3: Wide shot of pumping scene including police car with road closed as crews pump water from the neighborhood.

Scene 4: Shot of tractor pumping water.

Scene 5-8: Shots of water pumping onto the other side of the road where there are no homes.

Scene 9: Shot of people standing near pumping tractors.

Scene 10: Shot of two pumping tractors with pumps in the water.

Scene 11: Shot from behind of trucks and tractor.

Scene 12: Wide shot of pumping tractor.

Scene 13-14: Shots of man walking through knee-deep flood waters in his yard and driveway.

Scene 15-17: Shots of a maintenance vehicle in the water on one of the roads.

Scene 18: Tight shot of a car driving through flood waters up to headlights.

Scene 19: Shot of oncoming pickup truck driving by 25mph speed limit sign in flood waters.

Scene 20: White SUV with passenger side door open driving through flood waters.

Scene 21-24: Various shots of vehicles driving through neighborhood flooding.

Scene 25: White pickup truck parked in flood waters.

Scene 26: Disabled vehicle after getting stranded in flood waters after a tow truck pulled it out.

Scene 27-31: Various shots of homes surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 32: Shot of water coming up through a sewer lid.