Hydroplaning Truck Closes I-57 near Marion, IL – 3/10/2016

While flooding was not of huge issue to most in southern IL, the heavy rains that did fall created hazardous travel and lead to a major accident that closed I-57 northbound 2 miles south of Marion, Illinois in Williamson County.  Illinois State Patrol did not release much information at the scene, but says there were two vehicles involved.  A southbound Fedex semi truck ended up crossing the median into the northbound lanes where its back trailer tipped over.  Crews as of 3am were still working to clear I-57 and traffic was backed up 5 miles to the IL-148 exit where traffic was being diverted.  Injuries unknown.

The accident happened around 1:45am, the interstate has been closed for 90 minutes as of this upload.

I-57 is a main route that connects Southern IL to I-64 to St. Louis or continues northbound to Chicago.

Opening scenes include footage near Marion exit signs, followed by various shots of police arriving on scene, followed by multiple shots of Fedex truck pointing southbound in the northbound lanes, along with a shot from the side of the tipped trailer.  Final shots include the backup of trucks on I-57.