Worcester, MA Damaging Wet Snow – 2/5/2016

Nearly a foot of damaging heavy wet snow buries Worcester, Massachusetts: Footage of trees and large limbs down on roads and powerlines, neighborhoods buried under heavy wet snow, lines of trees and limbs sagging to the ground under the incredible weight of heavy wet snow, snow plows clearing highways, and people digging out in Worcester, MA.

All footage shot during evening daylight in/near Worcester, MA on February 5, 2016.

Shot List:

1-5. various shots of large tree limbs down on roads snapped under weight of heavy wet snow near Worcester MA.

6-9. various shots of snow plows clearing snow-covered roads and highways (I-495) near Worcester, MA

10-14. various shots of cars and neighborhood buried under nearly a foot of heavy wet snow with residents digging out in Worcester, MA

15. pushed-in shot of man using snow blower to clear driveway near Worcester MA

16. pushed-in shot of neighborhood and car buried in deep snow

17. POV driving shot through neighborhood with sagging powerlines and tree limbs buried in heavy wet snow

18-24. various shots of large broken tree limbs, broken limbs on powerlines, trees down over road near Worcester, MA

25-28. various POV driving shots of sagging trees and limbs on ground and road from heavy wet snow in/near Worcester, MA

29-31. various POV driving shots of heavy snow falling with traffic on I-495 near Worcester, MA with snow on road