Vehicles Fall Through The Ice on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – 2/6/2016

Several vehicles parked on Lake Geneva during Winterfest broke through the ice and became partially submerged. A few vehicles were able to drive away before the ice broke, but several were unable to be saved. Recovery crews were called in to pull out the remaining vehicles. Large crowds gathered on shore and on the frozen lake to watch the spectacle. No injuries or deaths were reported.

Scene 1 – Lake Geneva police vehicle.
Scene 2 – Slow pan of vehicles that have fallen into the lake.
Scene 3 – Two vehicles in the lake with onlookers behind them.
Scene 4 – Chevy Suburban partially submerged.
Scene 5 – Rescue/recovery crew hooking up a car to be pulled out.
Scene 6 – Toyota Corolla being pulled out.
Scene 7 – Owner of the Corolla trying to remove water from the interior of the car.
Scene 8 – Crowd of onlookers.
Scene 9 – Wide shot of vehicles submerged.
Scene 10 – Recovery crew discussing the next vehicle.
Scene 11 – Recovery crew walking out to submerged Honda CRV.
Scene 12 – Recovery crew hooking up Honda CRV.
Scene 13 – Slow pan from crew on shore to recovery crew hooking up vehicle.