Franklin, MA Winter Storm – 2/5/2016

Footage of first major winter storm for most of New England including Boston area.  Shots of powerlines sagging from weight of heavy wet snow, people shoveling, snow plows, traffic with heavy snow falling, and neighborhoods covered in snow in Franklin, MA.

All footage shot during morning and afternoon daylight on February 5, 2016 in/near Franklin, MA.

Shot List:

1-4. Various shots of heavy traffic with heavy snow falling on I-95 near Franklin, MA

5. pushed-in shot of man shoveling road in front of house with snow plow in background in Franklin, MA

6. pushed-in shot of man shoveling drive in Franklin, MA

7-10. various shots of sagging powerlines & branches weighed down by heavy wet snow in Franklin, MA

11. pushed-in shot of cars with heavy snow falling

12 & 13. pushed-in shots of customers coming and going from grocery store in Franklin, MA

14. pushed-in shot of car covered in snow with heavy snow falling in Franklin, MA

15 & 16. pushed-in shots of heavy snow falling with snow-covered trees in background

17-19. various shots of traffic on snow-covered roads in neighborhoods in Franklin, MA

20-27. various shots of snow plows clearing I-95, neighborhood roads and parking lots in Franklin, MA

28 & 29. POV driving shots of traffic on snow-covered I-95 near Franklin, MA with heavy snow falling

30-32. POV driving shots of electronic traffic signs warning drivers of poor road conditions from winter storm near Franklin MA on I-95

33-35. various shots of trees covered with heavy wet snow lining neighborhood roads in Franklin, MA