Snow Clean-Up in Rice Lake, WI – 2/3/2016

Today is cleanup day in Rice Lake WI, after a winter storm slammed the area yesterday and last night. This video package shows snow removal in full swing. This video also shows blowing snow that continues today as winds still howling at 15 to 25 MPH. There is a dog who seems to enjoy the snow as he plays in it..
Clip 1. Someone brushing snow off his truck.
Clip 2 – 5. Snow removal on main street in Rice Lake WI.
Clip 6-7. Snow blowing off a roof as strong wind continue today.
Clip 8. Snow blowing across a road.
Clip 9. Closer view of clip 8.
Clip 10. Snow blowing across a road as its starting to drift up again.
Clip 11 – 13. A dog playing in the fresh snow.