Insane snow drifts in York, PA and the post Blizzard clean up starts – 1/24/2016

With blue sky and the storm now out to see, the insane dig out begins.  Footage from York PA of cars buried in a parking lot and people trying to dig out from the blizzard.

Residents of an apartment complex in York, Pa start the digging out process after the blizzard of 2016 finally leaves the area.

Scenes 1&2:Snow covered parking lot with stuck 4×4 SUV

Scenes 3&4:Vehicles in parking lot with heavy drifted snow surrounding & covering them.

Scene 5 : Drifted snow on top of apartment complex roof.

Scene 6 : Vehicles in parking lot, trees with snow falling off in wind, clear blue skies.

Scene 7-10:Workers from apartment complex clearing snow with shovel & snowblower.

Scene 11-12:Large amounts of snow between & around vehicles in parking lot.