Queens, NY Blizzard / Noreaster Aftermath – 1/24/2016

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Description: Footage of NYC Queens neighborhoods buried in over 2 feet of snow with residents trying to dig out. Man digs tunnel for his daughter, others try to dig vehicles from snow, and others sled. Record amounts of snow recorded from historic Nor\'easter over New York City. Queens was hit hardest with La Guardia Airport reporting 27.9 inches and JFK Airport reporting 30.5 inches of snow.

All footage shot during late afternoon and evening of January 24, 2016 in Queens, NY.

Shot List:

1-3. various shots of vehicles and neighborhood streets buried in Queens, NY

4. shot of vehicles buried by deep snow with Triboro (RFK) Bridge in background in Queens NY

5-11. various shots of neighborhood streets and vehicle buried by over 2 feet of snow in Queens, NY

12 & 13. pushed-in shots of man trying to dig his car out of deep snow in Queens, NY

14. pushed-in shot of man attempting to clear massive wall of snow with snowblower in Queens, NY

15 & 16. shots of man trying to dig his car out of deep snow (with commentary on how long it\'s taken him so far)

17. shot from above looking at men trying to dig out car SUV from deep snow

18 & 19. shots of snow plow clearing roads in Queens NY

20. shot of woman navigating deep snow in Queens NY

21. shot of man digging a snow tunnel in a massive pile of snow for his daughter (with commentary from man)

22. shot of children sledding down hill in Astoria Park in Queens NY

23-26. various shots of people enjoying snow with children sledding and dogs running in Astoria Park in Queens NY

27. shot of people running on snow-covered roads next to East River in Queens NY

28. pushed-in shot of people navigating deep snow coming off above ground subway train in Queens NY

29. pushed-in shot of workers clearing snow from subway platform in Queens NY

30. shot of subway train passing through above ground station with piles of snow on station platform in Queens NY

31. shot of people walking though snow with Manhattan skyline in background in Queens NY

32. wide shot of East River with Triboro (RFK) Bridge and Manhattan skyline in background with snow on walkway in Queens NY

33. shot looking down on snow-covered neighborhood in Queens NY

34. shot of people looking at snowy scenery with Hells Gate Bridge in background next to East River in Queens NY