Sayreville, NJ and Wilmington, DE extreme blizzard on the road – 1/23/2016

Footage of final stages of monster East Coast Nor'easter blizzard slamming the New Jersey Turnpike near Sayreville, NJ. And footage of pedestrians and stranded vehicles.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness on January 23, 2016 in/near Sayreville, NJ and on Jersey Turnpike and around Wilmington, DE.

Shot List:

1. POV driving shot of truck stranded on side of highway after sliding off snow-covered roadway near Wilmington, DE

2-6. various shots of vehicles stranded in deep snow on New Jersey Turnpike in/near Sayreville, NJ

7. pushed-in shot of line of salt trucks backed up on I-287 ramp because of accidents off New Jersey Turnpike

8 & 9. shots of snow plows clearing the Jersey Turnpike near Sayreville, NJ

10-13. POV shot of snow plow clearing highway near Wilmington, DE with blowing snow

14. POV driving shot going into Whiteout from blowing snow near Wilmington, DE

15 and 16. shots of pedestrian walking in very heavy snow on roadway with low visibility in Wilmington DE

16. pushed-in shot of gas pumps with heavy snow falling in Wilmington, DE

17-21. various shots of traffic driving on snow-covered road with heavy snow falling and low visibility in Wilmington, DE

22. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling in front of car headlights in Wilmington, DE

23-26. various POV driving shots of very heavy snow falling with very low visibility and traffic on New Jersey Turnpike