Park City, UT prepares for the Sundance Film Festival. 1/19/2016

Footage 1/19/2016 of the final preparation work around downtown Park City, Utah before Sundance Film Festival kicks off later this week.

Sundance officially kicks off on Thursday January 21st and Park City is busy transforming the town for ten days of films, parties, celebrities and movie goers.

1. Sundance Film Festival Headquarters
2. Reserved parking spaces
3. Main Street festival banners
4 & 5. Uber hospitality tent being set up
6. Road closed during festival sign and moving truck with supplies and equipment
7. Workers unloading truck on main street
8. Acura stage set-up
9. Signage prep
10. Lady pushing cart with supplies
11. Machinery moving heavy cement block
12. Shuttle stop
13. Main Street from pedestrian bridge pov
14 -16. Sundance Film Festival Signage/banners
17. Main Street – Pedestrians, moving trucks, cars, signage
18. Signage on main street
19. Festival Box Office
20. The Shop, a film festival venue
21-26. Festival Base Camp being set-up