Kansas City, MO Snow and Ice – 11/19/2016

Kansas City Metro experienced a short few hour of freezing rain/sleet/snow through Tuesday, January 19, 2016. This Advisory left slick and hard to see roads, icy windshields, and a few wrecks. Shawnee, KS experienced more freezing rain then the KC Metro but by the end of the evening the roads throughout the entire Metro were snow packed with an inch to a few inches.

1 – 3. Close / Wide / Walking Panning shots of a co-worker scrapping her windshield after work

4 – 6. Medium / Wide / Close shot of a trucks windshield wipers up and the windshield partially scraped

7 – 8. Medium / Close shots of a truck with a cardboard box over the windshield to protect it from the freezing rain

9 – 12. Wide driving / close up / wide shots of a car that looks to have skidded off the side of the road

13. Driving shot of heavy traffic on North Bound I-35 in Shawnee, KS

14. Driving shot of plows on the side of the interstate

15 – 16. Driving / medium shot of a police officer sitting behind a car that hit a pole

17. Medium shot of a man walking down the sidewalk in the snow

18 – 21. Wide / medium shots of a salt truck salting Warnall Rd. in KCMO

22 – 23. Medium / Close shots of people walking in downtown KCMO and of a person waiting for a bus bundled up

24 -26. Driving shots of the road conditions after sunset of I-435 west in MO & KS and I-35 in KS

27 – 28. Wide and Medium shot of a salt truck in Midtown KC