St. Louis, MO Slick Snowy Road Travel Hazards – 1/20/2016

A large winter storm taking aim on the northeast is first leaving its mark across the Midwest as several inches of snow fell across parts of Missouri, including the St. Louis metro area where numerous accidents occurred as a result of the snow-covered and icy roads. Snow was light by midnight, but the damage had been done as crews struggled to to keep roads clear.

Video package shot along I-70 in St. Louis.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of MO-DOT sign warning drivers of icy and slick roads.

Scene 3: Wide shot of accident scene at I-70 Exit 242 (Goodfellow Blvd) where several vehicles were stuck on slippery on-ramp.

Scene 4: Shot of three vehicles stuck on Exit 242 on-ramp to I-70.

Scene 5-7: Red SUV spinning its tires and sliding sideways trying to get traction to get off the ramp.

Scene 8: Black car backing up to retry ramp escape.

Scene 9: Shot looking back at ramp.

Scene 10: Tight shot of white pickup back tire spinning to gain traction, panning out as truck starts moving forward.

Scene 11: White pickup truck gets traction and gets onto I-70.

Scene 12: Wide shot of police with car way off in ditch along I-70.

Scene 13-14: Shots of vehicle in ditch.

Scene 15: Cop car at scene of a vehicle that spun into guard rail along I-255.

Scene 16: Shot of above scene from side, showing guard rail damage as well.

Scene 17-18: Shots of the accident scene from the side.

Scene 19-20: Shots of red car sideways off I-70.

Scene 21: POV driving shot passing MO-DOT highway sign.

Scene 22-23: POV driving shots of the conditions of I-70.

Scene 24-25: POV driving shots of plows.