Lowville, NY Incredible Snow Footage – 1/12/2016

Footage of cars and neighborhoods buried in over 30 inches of snow near Lowville, NY. Intense lake effect snow band from Lake Ontario has dumped over 2 and a half feet of snow near Lowville.

All footage shot in/near Lowville NY on evening of January 11, 2016 in daylight and darkness.

Shot List:

1 & 2. shots of pickup truck with over a foot of snow on roof in Lowville, NY

3-8. various shots of cars buried in deep snow in Lowville, NY

9. shot of truck driving through snow-covered neighborhood in Lowville, NY

10. pushed-in shot traffic with deep snow on vehicles driving through Lowville, NY

11. pushed-in shot of theatre in Lowville, NY with deep snow and snow falling

12-14. various shots of pedestrians braving deep snow in Lowville, NY

15 & 16. Meteorologist Simon Brewer measuring 30.5 inches of snow south of Lowville, NY with comments in audio

17. wide shot of 2.5 feet of snow wall with heavy snow falling south of Lowville, NY

18-22. various shots of snow plows clearing roads in/near Lowville, NY

23. pushed in shot of pedestrian signal with snow on top and heavy snow falling in Lowville, NY

24. pushed-in shot of traffic light with heavy snow falling in Lowville, NY

25-28. various shots of heavy snow falling in Lowville, NY

29-31. various shots of traffic driving through heavy snow on snow-covered road in Lowville, NY

32 & 33. POV shots of whiteout conditions near Lowville, NY