Minneapolis, MN Snow + 0F Temps = Black Ice and crashes – 1/12/2016

With the temps hovering right around Zero Fahrenheit (symbol °F) and the dusting of snow during the evening rush hour, the snow turned into black ice on the roads.

Clip 1 Pov shot during the daylight hours on Interstate 94

Clip 2 – 3 Tight and wide shot of time and temp showing the current temp of -1F

Clip 4 Good POV shot of black ice with SOT

Clip 5 Car in the ditch up against the cables.

Clip 6 SUV Smashed on the side of 394.

Clip 7 Traffic is extremely lite with nobody outside in the cold at midnight.

Clip 8 Minneapolis Skyline with a smashed up Buick with the horn stuck on in the foreground.

Clip 9 State Patrol on the scene of the crash on the on ramp for Interstate 94 in Minneapolis.

Clip 10 Wide shot of State Patrol and crashed cars on the on ramp with the skyline in the back ground.

Clip 11 Medium shot of the smashed up cars.

Clip 12 Tight shot of the state patrol car.

Clip 13 Tight shot of the smashed up front in from the side.

Clip 14 State Trooper checking out the other car in the wreck.

Clip 15 Tow truck recovering a car in the ditch(POV).

Clip 16 Car in the ditch with tow trucks (POV).

Clip1 17-18 Salt / sand truck on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.