Adams, NY Lake Effect Snow Storm Slams The Region – 1/11/2016

Footage of heavy lake effect snow in Adams NY causing whiteout conditions, burying cars and neighborhoods, mailman battling the storm, people clearing snow. Dangerous driving conditions. Several feet of snow is expected to fall now through Wednesday.

All footage shot during afternoon of 11 January 2016 in/near Adams, NY during daylight hours.

Shot List:

1. pushed-in shot of "Adams" town sign with heavy snow falling

2. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling and blowing in Adams, NY neighborhood

3. pushed-in shot of car buried in snow with car passing in Adams, NY with heavy snow falling

4. pushed-in shot of person walking with shovel through deep snow

5. pushed-in shot of car surrounded and covered in deep snow with heavy snow falling

6. pushed-in shot of person shoveling snow with snow falling in Adams NY

7 & 8. pushed-in shots of man with snowblower clearing driveway

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of mailman trudging through deep snow with heavy snow falling

11. pushed-in shot of neighborhood buried in snow with heavy snow falling in Adams, NY

12-14. POV shots of very heavy snow with traffic passing through downtown Adams, NY

15 & 16. shots of passing traffic on Interstate 81 in Adams NY with heavy snow falling

17-20. POV shots of whiteout conditions on I-81 in Adams NY

20 & 21. shots of strong lake effect snow band over Adams NY from the south of town with clear skies around snow band