High Surf from Clearwater Beach, FL – 1/10/2016

Small Craft Advisory and High Rip Current Risk Clearwater Florida Gulf region.
High winds and waves and along Clearwater Beach after passage of strong cold front.

Waves off shore currently between 5 and 7 feet
Wind speeds between 20 and 30 knots peak.

People and boats brave trouble in paradise to enjoy the gulf beaches.

Shot Sheet:
1 people covering from the winds in a beach tent
2 kids paddle boarding
3 White boat battling the waves
4 wide shot of pier 60
5 sea gull
6 people huddled in beach tents
7 guy playing in the surf
8 sail boat battling the waves (strong winds shaking the camera)
9 Wide shot of high waves
10 Palm trees blowing in the wind
11 Tight shot of Pier 60 and high waves (strong winds shaking the camera)
12 White motorboat battling the waves
13 Flags blowing in the wind, lifeguard stands in the distance, and people walking towards camera
14 Wide shot of waves on the sand
15 Tight shot of waves crashing on the pier
16 sea gulls trying to eat while being blown by winds
17 People walking dogs on the pier
18 Waves crashing on rocks