Rice Lake, WI Arctic Blast Sub Zero Temps – 1/10/2016

Arctic air blasts into Northwestern WI. Temps 18 below zero, with wind chill hanging around 20 below zero or so.

Clip 1. Bank thermometer
Clip 2. A person standing then walking by in the Arctic air.
Clip 3. A car driving through the shot on main street.
Clip 4. Flag blowing in the Arctic wind.
Clip 5. Closer shot of the flag blowing in the arctic wind.
Clip 6. Icicles.
Clip 7. Closer view of the icicles.
Clip 8. heat coming from a exhaust vent.
Clip 9. Steam coming from and exhaust vent.
Clip 10. Closer shot of steam coming from and exhaust vent.
Clip 11. Frost on the ice.
Clip 12. Another icicle.