Saint Cloud, MN Extreme Cold Sub Zero Temps – 1/9/2016

As the cold weather moves in from Canada, the polar temps make their first stop on their way to the Twin Cities in the city of Saint Cloud, MN. Just after noon on Saturday, temps in the city of Saint Cloud were being reported at -2F with a Wind Chill of -21F.

Just twelve hour's later, the temp has dropped to -12F

Clip 1 Temp at 12:17 PM -2F

Clip 2 Blowing snow over a roadway

Clip 3 As the night grew later, the temps dropped to -8F by 9:00 PM

Clip 4 Just after midnight, the temp around Saint Cloud was now being reported at -12F at 12:11 AM

Clip 5 Tight shot of -12F sign.

Clip 6 Another Time and temp sign at 12:20 AM showing the temp was -12F

Clip 7 Tight shot of the -12F

Clip 8 Daylight shot in the afternoon of a large flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 9 – 16 Blowing snow over a road near the Saint Cloud, MN Airport and traffic. Low and high shots of the blowing snow.