Sarasota, FL Heavy Rain and Hight Winds from storm moving on shore – 1/9/2016

A blast of heavy rain and then wind came ashore in SW Florida late this Saturday weekend afternoon. Palm tree debris littered US41 in Sarasota and some small boats on Sarasota Bay came ashore and swamped in high winds.

Shot list:
1) Heavy Rain at Bayfront park area in Sarasota.
2) Palm tree top and bayfront condo in heavy rain.
3) Storm drain and run-off.
4) Pick-up bed topper full of rain water in rain.
5) Wind picks up blowing coconut palm.
6) Palm fronds breaking and falling off coconut palm into US41 with condo in background.
7) Palm fronds debris landing in US41.
8,9) Traffic maneuvering around and running over palm tree debris in US41 southbound.
10,11) Small bay boats aground on Sarasota bay and getting hit with wind and waves.
12,13) Boat filled up with water from pounding waves on bay.