Kansas City, MO near zero temps at sunrise – 1/10/2016

Kansas City, Missouri experienced bitter cold temps of 4 degrees with wind chills pushing -10 degrees in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 10, 2016. These temps are believed to be the first time temps have dropped this low since March 2015.

1-2. Close up shot of the time and temp in KCMO

3. Medium shot of a person walking down the street in downtown KCMO with steam rising from a drain

4. Close up shot of the H&R Block building with a tribute to the KC Chiefs scrolling

5. Medium panning shot of two people walking down the sidewalk in downtown KCMO

6-8. Wide, Medium, Close shots of the time and temp in KCMO

9-10. Wide and Close shot of downtown KCMO and the KC Chiefs Win! on the Marriott building

11. Medium shot of a person riding a bicycle in downtown KCMO

12-13. Medium and Close shot of someone walking their dog bundled up in the cold

14-16. Medium, Wide, Close shots of frozen steam on the curb and grass from a drainage ditch