Stearns County MN Travel nightmare on Interstate 94 – 12/26/2015

A powerful winter storm system is impacting the northern plains with high winds and heavy wet blowing snow.

Footage shot on Interstate 94 in Stearns County, Minnesota as the snow made for a travel nightmare on this day after Christmas as people were making their way home.

Footage of numerious crashes on Interstate 94 from Saint Cloud to Sauk Centre.

Clip 1 Pan right pull back shot of a snow plow on Interstate 94 and pans over to a crash and a State Trooper on the side of the road.

Clip 2 State Trooper and crash in Sauk Centre

Clip 3 Car spun out in the ditch with a snow plow driving by on Interstate 94

Clip 4 Low wide show as a snow plow passed by the camera.

Clip 5 Pull back tracking shot of a snow plow from an overpass.

Clip 6 Snow plow passing by the camera

Clip 7 Side camera shot passing a snow plow.

Clip 8 Snow plow moving towards the camera.

Clip 9 Someone snow blowing in Albany, MN

Clip 10 – 11 POV Driving in heavy snow.

Clip 12 POV Snow plow

Clip 13 – 16 Side camera shots of vehicles crashed on Interstate 94.

Clip 17 Interstate 94 sign pointing towards Alexandria, MN as a snow plow drives past.

Clip 18 Car crashed into the center cables in the ditch on I-94

Clip 19 POV of State Trooper and truck in the ditch on I-94

Clip 20 Car crashed into the center cables in the ditch on I-94

Clip 21 Snow plow parked in the center of Interstate 94 waiting for traffic to clear to get back on the road.

Clip 22 – 24 Heavy snow falling with trees in the back ground.