Western MN Heavy Snow Winter Storm – 12/26/2015

Video Footage highlighting the Heavy Winter Storm impacting West Central Minnesota this Saturday after Christmas! *Footage from the Winter Storm Warning Area!*

Video Footage:

1. Car with lights on off the highway well into the Ditch with Tow Truck hooking up to pull out and a MNDOT Heavy Snowplow pass-by in the shot.

2. Car with heavy visible front end damage being winched out of the deep snow ditch on ice covered roads.

3. Local resident shoveling the 5 plus inches of heavy snow from the sidewalk in Graceville MN.

4. Snow plows and snow blowers work hard to clear the streets in Graceville MN

5. Heavy Snow fall bursts move over the far western Portion of Minnesota covering roadways.

6. Large heavy snow removal tractors push snow and ice off of the roads in Morris MN.

7. MNDOT State Snowplow close pass-by shot pushing heavy snow.

8. Bobcat piling 6 foot high piles of heavy fresh snow!

9-14 Near Zero visibility and poor driving conditions with heavy blowing and drifting snow across roadways!