Holiday Travel Snow Hazards, Rollover Accident Northern Iowa – 12/24/2015

Two vehicle rollover accident caused from heavy snow in northern Iowa.
Accident occurred 5 miles south of Algona on hwy 169 in Kossuth County.

Shot Sheet:

1. Two trucks in the ditch with EMS crew
2. Firetruck parked to help slow down traffic
3. Different angle of the two trucks in the ditch
4. Fire Truck
5. Police/EMS light bars
6. Ambulance/Ems Truck in the ditch.
7. Tight shot of white truck
8. Wide shot of Ems Vehicles
9. Tight shot of black truck in the ditch.
10. Tight shot of Police/EMS car
11. Snow plow driving through accident scene
12. Tow truck preparing lift
13. Algona Fire Department truck
14. Flatbed truck driver walking to scene.
15. Tow truck pulling white truck out of the ditch.
16. Tow crew talking to Sheriff, waiting to stop traffic
17. Grain bins in background to highlight snowfall intensity
18. Tight shot of barbwire fence in the snow
19. Driving in near whiteout conditions