Park City Utah Winter Storm Continues – 12/23/2015

Snowstorm in Northern Utah, cars buried in the snow, people shoveling and snowblowing sidewalks, children and dogs playing in the snow, Park City Historical main street and downtown shots.

1. icicles and snowcovered hammock in front of historical house
2 – 5. parked cars buried in the snow
6. man up to his knees in snowbank
7. person carrying skis up snowy road as car approaches
8. deep snow on roof of red house with christmas wreath
9. deep snow in front of houses
10. man shoveling driveway
11. man shoveling snow off roof
12 – 15. dash cam view of snowy roads and traffic SR 224
16 & 17. man snowblowing on side of road as cars pass
18. clearing snow with front loader
19 – 21. children playing in snow
22 & 23. big snowman with coal eyes and mouth
24 – 26. dogs playing in snow
27 & 28. historic downtown main street – pedestrians and car traffic