Southern Missouri Hail Storm and High Winds – 12/23/2015

Two part video. The first part is from Hayti, MO from 00:00 to 2:23.

A severe-warned storms with 1.25 hail moved across the Missouri bootheel as an outbreak of severe weather began across the southern states. This storm produced up to baseball sized hail in Arkansas before it moved into Missouri where hail up to 1.25\\\" was reported.

Shots open with highway sign warning drivers of severe storm ahead. Various shots of structure as storm approaches followed by shots of hail and heavy rains along Hwy 412 near Hayti.

Hayti is south of Sikeston, MO at the I-155 junction to Dyersburg, TN.


The second part of the video from 2:23 to the end is from Jackson, MO

Early rounds of severe storms prompted several tornado warnings across southeast Missouri Wednesday morning causing blinding rain and winds along I-55 north of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Drivers were forced to slow down as winds gusted upwards of 60mph. This storm was tornado-warned as it approached the interstate.

Shots of approaching storm clouds.

POV driving shot approaching storm, going from dry to blinding rain in seconds.

POV driving shots of cars with emergency flashers on.

Semi truck in blinding rains.

Car parked near a highway ramp in the rain.