Rice Lake, WI Snow – 12/23/2015

Winter weather returns back to Northwestern WI. Just in time for Christmas. Snow caused the day to slow down on the area roads. Some motorist had some problems.
Clip 1. Dash cam shows a car almost having an accident.
Clip 2. Cars driving on the snow/slush covered roads.
Clip 3-4. Closer shot of cars on snow/slush covered roads, some kicking up the slush.
Clip 5. Snow falling. Snow covered pine tree.
Clip 6-7. Snow covered road with traffic.
Clip 8. Snow covered trees along a hiking trail.
Clip 9. Snow covered tree branches over a hiking trail.
Clip 10. Snow covered tree stump.
Clip 11. Close shot of the snow covered tree stump.
Clip 12. Snow falling with open water.
Clip 13. Snow covered slab with snow falling.
Clip 14-15. Close shots of snow covered pine tree branches.
Clip 16. Snow covered grape vines with snow falling.
Clip 17. Snow falling with a fence in the background.
Clip 18. City truck out plowing snow.