Park City, Utah Winter Storm – 12/22/2015

Snowstorm in Northern Utah, shopping center covered in snow, shoppers battling the weather, dash cam of heavy snow thru Parley\'s Canyon I-80.

1. SR 248 near Park City, UT heavy snow
2 & 3. snowy roads and traffic at shopping center
4 & 5. shoppers battling the weather outside grocery store
6 & 7. grocery store employee gathering shopping carts in snowy weather
8 – 17. various shots of shoppers at shopping center battling the weather, walking thru snow
18 & 19. busy traffic circle in shopping center, lots of cars and snow
20 – 22. Restaurant patio chairs covered in a foot of snow
23. shopping cart covered in snow
24-27. Parley\'s Canyon I-80 between Park City and Salt Lake City