Kamas Utah Winter Storm B-Roll 12/22/2015

All footage filmed in and around Kamas, Utah – Summit County

Snowstorm in Northern Utah, plowing roads, shoveling driveways, local businesses covered in snow, animals in the cold

1-3. local store Artique covered in snow,
4. plowing school parking lots
5. two girls drive by on fourwheeler with plow on front
6-9 various shots of shoveling and snowblowing Kamas Post Office
10-11. man cleaning foot of snow off vehicle
12-15 various shots of shopping center snow-covered, still snowing
16. car driving on snowy road
17. plow plowing road
18 & 19. dash cam shows car POV of snowy road and snowy trees/houses
20 & 21. horse out in the snow
22. dog caged out in the cold