Redfield NY Dangerous Lake Effect Snow Event – 12/19/2015

Multiple accidents, white out conditions, dangerous driving conditions with first major Lake Effect Snow storm for New York this season. Shots of cars in ditches, car being towed from snowbank, locals digging out, meteorologist measuring 18.5 inches of snow near Redfield, NY.

All footage shot in/near Oswego County in/near towns of Redfield and Pulaski, NY on evening (daylight and night) of 19 December 2015.

Shot List:

1 & 2. Various shots of car stranded in ditch after sliding off highway from snow and low visibility near Pulaski, NY

3 & 4. Pushed-in shots of two trucks covered in a foot and half of snow in Redfield, NY

5 & 6. POV driving shots of dangerous white-out conditions near Redfield, NY; several vehicle accidents occurred in this area

7. pushed-in shot of traffic in snow-covered downtown Pulaski, NY

8. pushed-in shot of man crossing snow-covered street with traffic in downtown Pulaski, NY

9 & 10. shots of yard stick ruler measuring 18.5 inches of snow depth 3.6 miles northwest of Redfield, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

11. rack focus pushed-in shot of decorated park tree in Pulaski, NY with snow falling and on tree

12-15. various shots of man towed from deep snowbank after sliding off roadway near Redfield, NY

16-18. various shots of SUV stranded in snow off road with police and fire assistance after sliding off snow-covered highway near Pulaski, NY

19-21. various shots of pickup truck stranded in deep snow off highway with low visibility after spinning off roadway with traffic passing near Pulaski, NY

22. POV shot of police vehicle assisting damaged truck from accident on snow-covered highway

23 & 24. pushed-in shots of boy making small snowman on sidewalk in downtown Pulaski, NY

25 & 26. various shots of people digging-out from deep snow in Oswego County, NY

27-29. various shots of very high winds blowing snow with heavy snow falling near house and trees

30-32. various POV driving shots of Oswego, NY neighborhoods with deep snow around houses

33. pushed-in shot of snow-covered branches near Redfield, NY

34. pushed-in shot of snow-covered road with snow covered trees near Redfield, NY

35. pushed-in shot of horse drawn carriage on snowy roadway in Pulaski, NY

36. POV driving shot of heavy snow falling around electronic highway sign warning, \"LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING, THRU SUNDAY AM\" on I-81 near Pulaski, NY

37 & 38. Various POV shots of heavy snow falling with low visibility with traffic passing near Redfield, NY