Sandy Creek NY Lake Effect Snow Storm – 12/19/2015

Shots of white-out conditions and car in ditch after sliding off highway with first big lake effect snow storm of the season slams Sandy Creek, NY off Lake Ontario. Lake Effect Snow Warnings are in effect forecasting over 2 feet of snow accumulation in some locations. Record warmth from powerful El Nino in the Pacific has kept the Lake Effect Snow at bay until now.

All footage shot in or near Sandy Creek, NY on late morning hours of December 19, 2015 during daylight.

Shot List:

1. POV driving shot with cars in ditch in deep snow after sliding off Interstate 81 near Sandy Creek, NY

2 & 3. Various shots of car in ditch after sliding off Interstate 81 in deep snow

4. POV driving shot with voice "can't see much" of low visibility very heavy snow with truck passing

5. pushed-in shot of semi-truck with very heavy snow falling

6. POV driving shot of traffic driving through heavy snow with low visibility

7. wide POV driving shot showing lake effect snow band over road ahead

8. POV shot with voice audio, "Oh, might be the darkest lake effect snow band I've seen!" with shot of dark "thunder-snow-storm" lake effect snow band over roadway ahead

9. POV driving shot with very heavy lake effect snow and snow pellets hitting traffic with snow-covered I-81 and low dark scud clouds over road

10. Wide shot of sun over lake effect snow band clouds

11. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling on I-81 traffic

12. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling on passing I-81 traffic

13-15. various shots of truck with white-out and near white-out conditions on I-81

16 & 17. various shots of snow plow on I-81 ramp

18-20. various shots of heavy snow falling with snow-covered trees in background