Freezing Rain Coats Salina, KS in Ice – 11/26/2015

The Winter Storm Warning for Salina, Kansas is for the potential for unto 0.50 inches of ice. Salina experienced heavy rain throughout most of the day with temps in the mid 30\\\'s but around 4pm the the temp dropped to 32 degrees and the freezing rain started coating tree and cars with a thin layer of ice.

1 – 3. Wide, medium, close shots of tees before the freezing rain started

4 – 8. Driving shots of the heavy freezing rain / rain on Interstate 70 and Hwy 81

9 – 10. Crowds of people walking through the freezing rain into walmart

11 – 13. Wide, medium, close shots of ice covered cars at a dealership in Salina, KS

14 – 18. Wide, medium, close, extremely close shots of tree limbs covered in ice along with little red berries

19. Close shot of the ice accumulation on a height clearance sign

20 – 21. Medium and close shot of an electronic clock with the time and temperature on it

22 – 23. Close up shots of Japanese Maple tree leaves covered in ice